Extradimensional Art - Praying for Peace and Happiness -

Koki SATO is said to have mastered communicating with cosmic consciousness through a near-death experience during his childhood and the mysterious inspiration that visits him from time to time.

He interacts with an existence that transcends dimensions using his enlightened senses, painting a world full of limitless wisdom and grand love invisible to the eye.

These works are imbued with a pure and sacred desire, praying earnestly for the happiness of people and a world peace that transcends boundaries.

To appreciate his works, try standing in front of the works with your hands joined behind you.

Then have somebody push down on your joined hands. You will find that you won’t move an inch. When you take your eyes away from the works, you will immediately lose your balance and fall backwards.

Your mind and body will probably be filled with a sparkling cosmic energy, making you feel a wonderful power permeating throughout your whole body and soul.